A. Platform

NOCS is being held as a virtual event through Whova.
The technical program, divided into sessions, is available here.
It is available to all registered attendees.
Pre-recorded video presentations and PDF versions of each paper will be available through Whova.

You can stream the sessions, both via your desktop browser or your mobile/tablet device.
You should navigate to Thurs-Friday and click on NOCS.
This will launch the Zoom session for the conference.
When using Zoom, we encourage you to use your full name and affiliation (i.e., FirstName LastName (Affiliation)).

As attendees, you will not have access to video, mic or chat.
Note to session chairs and speakers - you will receive instructions via a separate email.

B. Attending talks and participating in Q/A

During the regular paper sessions, pre-recorded talks will be played.
This will be followed by live Q/A with the corresponding author, moderated by the Session Chair.
The keynotes and special sessions will feature live talks, followed by Q/A.

During the Q/A session, please use the Q/A box on Zoom to raise your questions.
The session chair will ask the questions on your behalf. We encourage you to list your name and affiliation next to the question.
We also encourage you to use the upvote feature of Zoom Q/A and the session chairs will prioritize questions with more upvotes.

We strongly encourage you to use the Zoom Q/A box (which the session chairs will be tracking), not Whova’s chat window to ask questions during the talk. You can use the Whova chat after the session is over for further follow-up.


If you face any technical issues during the conference, please email our virtual logistics chairs Jan Moritz Joseph <>, Ananda Samajdar <>, and Abhishek Bhattacharyya <> for help.